Leyan Al-Sharq Trading Co (LSTC ) is a promising newly established company with a good start as the sole agent in Saudi Arabia for the sales and distribution of Ragasco LPG Fiber Glass Gas Cylinders.
Mission Statement: To become a major Global provider of high-quality Technical Consultancy.
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About Us

Leyan Al-Sharq Trading Co (LSTC is a promising newly established company with a good start as the sole agent in Saudi Arabia for the sales and distribution of Ragasco LPG  Fiber Glass Gas  Cylinders, a lightweight, safe and transparent composite cylinder with some amazing advantages over traditional cylinders, and when empty the cylinder weighs about 50% less than typical steel cylinders.  We serve various industries in IT, HW, SW,  General Trading, Import & Export, Marketing I.T. Solutions, Integration Services, Rent a Car Services, Coffee Shops, ..etc.  LSTC is also licensed for import & export, marketing, messing services, whole sale of various products .  We are proud of our dynamic growth and reputation for building quality into every product and service we provide.  We seek excellence in all our products and services that you can count on. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is a very wealthy place for investment and so it become an absolute necessity for the founders and the management to ensure the sustainability of LSTC expansion of its subsidiariesbranches to cover the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Currently we are finalizing an establishment of new branches in major cities; such as: Riyadh and Jeddah until the full reach to the GCC, even to the neighboring Arab countries to cover the whole middle-east

LSTC was established in 1431 Hijri in Al-Khobar City, Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Street, OD Real Estate Building (adjacent to Nimran Hotel), 1st floor, Office No.102 and supported with highly qualified expertize and equipped with the latest computer systems and control mechanism for the smooth operations of all processes. The location of our main office is in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and is considered a strategic location to provide high quality products and services to KSA, GCC countries, and the whole Arab Countries which would easily and promptly facilitate the expansion of our activities in the middle-east region .

LSTC will be always seeking to play an active role in the development of the national economy professionally with high flexibility. LSTC with it's professional expertize is proud to provide high quality standards of services and support to our clients and customers; and as a recognition to our achievement we have signed recently an agreement as a sole distributer of Ragasco LPG Cylinders in Saudi Arabia, and in a very short time we were able to strongly enter LSTC in the Saudi market.  No limits to our ambitions and aspirations, and we are always looking toward providing a unique and best products & services with the best results and hard work during the planning of the scientific, technical and non-random processes for the decision-making

We appreciate the collective decisions and careful studies by the staff and competency with high expertise in the field of logistics services. We keep a close focus on the innovation and continuous enhancement in the IT industry and general trading trends to keep up with development and prosperity experienced by the world through our learning organization and the development of the work-force in line with the developments in the region and the world, to bring what is modern and useful to our society and our customers


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